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Top, très bonne expérience.Société à taille humaine et à l'écoute de ses salariés.En accord avec les besoins toujours constants de ses clients.Bonne formation
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Money was okay, management is overly quesitonable.

A great sale will make you love the job, but management is constantly sneaky. If you can oversee that, which is difficult - there are many ways to excel and improve within the company.
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They expect you to squeeze blood from a penny

Shifts are long and no way to change it once your hired after applying for a certain time. The training is not very hands on and your thrown on the phones with a very difficult system to learn.

Points positifs

Work from home

Points négatifs

Hours/ support
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Constant opportunities to find interesting solutions.

Always working on new solutions, changing from client to client. Good company to work for with a steady flow of work. Growth opportunities were available for high performers.
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Great company

I love working at Verizon. I worked in sales and remote as a customer service rep. It's as hard as you make it. Great benefits. Decent pay. Gotta work weekends and holidays.
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Great Benefits, Lousy Culture

I worked at Verizon almost 5 years before leaving . I only ever had one store where the management seemed to genuinely care. The last store I worked for was the worst and ultimately I left because they denied promotions, they denied transfers, they forced the best sales people to work in the worst stores with the worst coworkers and don’t reward loyalty or hard work. Although the benefits were the best I have ever had, they switched to team commission based in reviews and not sales. Then they started only hiring part timers and giving them keys right away. All of it was just too much change in the wrong direction.
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Not bad

It was an alright work environment and I enjoyed coworkers but they tend to make the goals to high to exceed and make decent money like they tell you when you apply
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Productive and Fun workplace

Great training, learned a lot and they had great benefits.Upper management can be shady but overall it was a good place to work and the pay could be better.
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Run! Corporate Greed!

Run! Verizon is consumed by corporate greed. Customer service is terrible and employee experience is worse. You will be treated like a number and will be lead by fear and unrealistic goals.
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Rude staff rude management and no morals

The pay might be better than minimum wage but it’s not worth management tell you how horrible you are at your job or that you are not good enough. You have to be committing fraud to be praised doing what clients want Is called “clerking”

Points positifs

Pay is good

Points négatifs

Everything else
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Great place to be

Everyone is so friendly and its such a great work environment. The benefits are also very generous and I could not have chosen a better place to work.
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Excellent benefits

Verizon offers excellent medical, dental, PTO, and 401k matching. Managers and above are eligible for a very generous yearly bonus along with a stock program. It’s a shame I got laid off as they chose to go the outsourcing route.
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I love working for Verizon if you get lucky you will to

What is the best part of working at the company?WORK LIFE BALANCE ! Best place I’ve ever worked as they care about you and your well being ! What is the most stressful part about working at the company?It can get overwhelming sometimes with back to back calling .What is the work environment and culture like at the company?It is a work from home position What is a typical day like for you at the company?Clock in check email take calls ….. team meetings and get off
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Love the job, got laid off because they outsource agents now

Great benefits, I enjoyed solving customers problems, making their days better. Goals were achievable, Don't take customers attitudes personally, lol

Points positifs

Benefits, pay

Points négatifs

Security, tools could be better between vendors
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quite challenging but can be rewarding at times!

What is the best part of working at the company?Co-Workers are easy to work with and great Team CollaborationWhat is the most stressful part about working at the company?navigating the diverse infrastructure.What is the work environment and culture like at the company?It is fast moving at times but they give you time to focus on projects as needed!What is a typical day like for you at the company?it is always a challenging environment to navigate.You may plan to do specific tasks and then get interrupted to attend important meetings/issues etc.
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Benefits are the best part. Commission and Sales strategies ruin it.

Micromanaging is a big issue. Expected to pitch everything we offer to every customer, even after knowing the product wouldn’t be a good fit. Can do all of the things they tell you to do to make sales, still will fall short under ridiculously high quota. Hourly pay is fair, the commission structure does not reflect the amount of money you make Verizon as a sales associate. Not a fulfilling job. Seen people work here for over 10 years to only make it to assistant manager.

Points positifs

Benefits are very good

Points négatifs

Micromanagement, commission structure
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Ok, lack in pay

Pay isn’t the greatest, but the environment is good not slow. Not a lot of room to advance unless you suck yo to the boss. Corporate structures and less
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Started out good but went sour

When I started working for Verizon I had a lot to learn and they provided the training. Years later when they move me to another part of the company, it went to the dogs. They expected us to not have a life and did not train us properly. Most often I was left to my own devices to solve solutions. They also did not care that I was a single mother and often had me work schedules and I didn't get to see my kid. So I'm glad I left. Pay was good though.
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High quota lower compensation as time goes on very high goals not attainable after awhile. Company seems to not value employees as much as before high turn over in retail staff
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Quota is always too high, supervisors listen to most all calls just o make sure you are offering everything , wouldn’t recommend to anyone scheduleling is also horrible make you work weekends
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