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Grosse structure au process archaïque, l’entreprise est plus importante que ces clients.

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niveau social

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Lots of mismanagement

They seem to have a problem, communicating with their drivers on a daily basis. The drivers have to put up with a lot of nonsense and bad mismanagement.
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Honest Gold for Honest Work.

If you're looking to make some money over the holiday season, this is the place to be. One week I made over 1k working 48 hours and all I had to do was take packages from the truck to the customer's doors. Foolproof, a literal monkey could do it. They key to making hella bread though is it get a good driver who'll help you get as many hours as possible, mine's route was my neighborhood so he picked my up from my house. I burned zero gas going to work and got dropped off at the end of the day. It was great and it's super fun if you have a cool driver to talk to, definitely not easy work, you will be tired and sometimes cold, but the truck are honestly super warm with the heater going. This is a great gig tho, I would highly recommend it. Just get a good driver, don't be a burden to him (Don't be late or lazy) and don't complain, and you'll be fine and make a lot of money, best paying job out there for the amount of work required.
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1 star

What is the best part of working at the company?Horrible experience! They expect even the smallest person to lift 200+ lbs although in the job description it says up to 50 lbs. The belt goes way too fast to keep up which causes boxes to fall off the sides, which makes it very difficult to walk in the 2ft of walk space that they give you. You get a half hour break in the 7-8 hrs that you’re breaking your back with No other small breaks! The supervisors there shout at you like you’re an animal! *mind you, some of these managers have been there 2 weeks with no experience but got their position because they happen to be a friend of the main person running the warehouse! It’s completely unfair and should be investigated!! What is the most stressful part about working at the company?Read my last passageWhat is the work environment and culture like at the company?Completely the worst experience!What is a typical day like for you at the company?I’m gone from that horrible place so there is no typical day there for me
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La seguridad es primero

Excelente lugar para trabajar buenos beneficios y pago

Points positifs

Orientados a trabajar en equipo y seguros

Points négatifs

Es difícil conseguir trabajo permanente
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no good reviews

management micromanages, no flexibility, employees are not heard, very strict attendance policy. The dress code is trash and management acts as if you are beneath them
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Productive and good workplace

As a PVD Driver (Seasonal) I had a good time in the road, in contact with Supervisors occasionally. Do a good amount of workload from the warehouse and have some good experiences with UPS Drivers.
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Strenuous Physical Activity & Stressful Customer Interactions

You might’ve guessed, but you’ll be lifting a lot — the problem is that you have to move so fast it’s hard to keep proper posture and easy to get injured. If you need a job now, do it! I got paid above minimum wage, and my store had a commission structure that paid some bills all on its own. But long term, maybe think twice unless you’re very active and aware of your lifting technique.
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What you would expect

Moving boxes, what can I say! I had the rural route, was nice and relaxing as the stops were pretty spaced out from one another. Not the worst job. Not sure if I could do it full time for years though. It was a temporary gig. Had very few hours though.
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Stressful, many hours

Physically demanding, never get overtime, benefits not great and boss always telling what to do. Back hurts now from being in drivers seat for 8 hours a day all week.

Points positifs

Get to see the city

Points négatifs

No breaks
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Fun Job - Stagnant Growth

Ups Rockford is a large hub but is behind in workplace culture. Fun job to do, but lacks a positive atmosphere and is limited in opportunity to get more hours.
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Good Pay, Decent Hours

Pay was 22 an hour plus 60 cents per mile driven. Not too difficult once you get the gist of it, hours aren't consistent which can be a problem. Overall everyone is friendly and is a good place to work.
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Its a job that pays well but its all night time

Overall a good company pays well just long nights....12 hour shifts for the feeder drivers as of now..Trucks in pretty good shape ...all maintenance address immediately

Points positifs

plenty of work

Points négatifs

night hours
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Good work environment

lot's of work and OT , multiple shifts available and a very active work environment.a culture of safety and excellence, great training programs and benefits
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Poor management and organization. There wasn't very much direction from leadership and at times warehouse operations were disorderly. Pay and benefits are very competitive.
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Fast paced work constant scrutiny

It is a fast paced work and physical demanding environment. Have to work to get hours and sometimes get paid too. Management is on your back at all times.
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Fast paced

Fast paced and well managed. Very professional. Supportive of employees. I drove a regular delivery route daily during the Christmas holidays. I oppreciated the opportunity and experience. The pay was excelent

Points positifs

Worked independently
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Decent place to work

The pay is good. The hours during peak season are great. Once it’s over they cut the hours and staff back unless you are in the union. Management is decent depending on what shift you work. Huge turnaround
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Good Job

good job, easy staff, always ppportunity to do more work great atmosphere of workers willing to help,cons would be personal vehicular wear and tear, and the onboarding process was weird
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Good pay, relax environment.

At the current rate of $22.25 good pay. I can only speak for the night shift with generally starts is 11 PM-3AM, management and coworkers are friendly. Of course it’s hard work but if you do your best , be safe and try to improve they’re not gonna hassle you.
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Very poor communication

Overall, very fun place and environment to work in. Union representation is incredibly important! Never met my supervisor and communication was awful.
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