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4,1Équilibre vie privée/professionnelle

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entreprise très enrichissante

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une entreprise avec des postes très varié. bonne entante dans l'équipe de travail.
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Very stressful work environment with poor management

Work inequality, discrimination and impossible targets are what I see. No right to express your opinion in my team, poor management who is using top down techniques, no listening skills and despite that they say they help, they are actually not. If you have a complicated pipeline, deal reviews are there no helping but adding more stress and admin work instead of creating more time to spend with customers.There is little or limited collaboration in between teams, it's very easy to feel isolated and not part of the company, especially as a new joiner. The culture is meant to guide us, but there is a gap between the values and what one encounters in the company.No possibility to work part time.
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21 novembre 2022
Thanks for bringing this to our attention. We know that this is a fast-paced and competitive environment which can be challenging, but what you've described is really concerning. Could you please start a conversation with your Employee Success Business Partner or if you'd feel more comfortable, please reach out to our third-party provider Ethicspoint at to provide further details? Your mental health and morale are priorities so we'd like to address this as quickly as possible.

Great place to work

I love working at Salesforce ... in fact I am what we affectionately call a "Boomerang" as I previously worked at Salesforce in Australia, and came "back" to Salesforce now in Switzerland.It's an American company - fast paced and constantly moving, improving, and evolving. You have the freedom to make your own space, pick an area that motivates you, drive it, and you can excel. It may not be the best for someone who likes a more slow paced, perfectly structured environment (of course each role may vary). I personally love it, and feel like I have the steering wheel in my hands for much of my career.Also, I do think the culture is great here. Employee well-being is highly valued; many efforts were made during 2020 with COVID to help people adjust to the new normal. Employees are encouraged to constructively speak up.

Points positifs

Culture, pace, growth opportunities, smart people, loyal customer base.

Points négatifs

Pace is fast, easy to get lost or overwhelmed.
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Requires a lot of travelling but very rewarding

Typically (before pandemic) was travel to customer and working onsite which is the most difficult part as it impact negatively work life balance. In terms of learning new technology, enterprise architecture and customer digital transformation needs this jobs is probably the best you can have. I learnt so much that if I want to change my job would not have any problems.Salesforce transparency work culture makes me comfortable as I usually afraid of something I do not know. At salesforce even hard decisions are transparent (with only one exception of end of 2021 H1 company reprioritisations and layoffs - the objectives of reprioritisation is still mystery for me and my colleagues). Hardest part is to convince and influence client to accept and introduce. Requires soft skills which is difficult to just learn. Most enjoyable part is being recognised by client.

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Points négatifs

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Great place to work

Fast growing environment which encourages employees to develop an out-of-the boy attitude and accepts failure. It is easy to work from home for positions that do not require customer contact

Points positifs

Employees are encouraged to develop their ideas

Points négatifs

Lot of work and sources of information
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Un maximum d'adrénaline

Une culture d'entreprise géniale, des collaborateurs brillants, un package salarial hors normes...Revers de la médaille: un niveau de stress jamais rencontré jusqu'alors. Il faut tout pour tout de suite, escalades permanentes aux US avec 9 heures de décalage horaire etc
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Super entreprise

Super entreprise avec des gens formidable. Très bonne culture d'entreprise, beaucoup de philanthropie (foundation Salesforce) et une croissange de ~30% par année. Des produits formidables, des systèmes efficaces et de la liberté.

Points positifs

super ambiance

Points négatifs

très centré sur le headquarter à San Francisco
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