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3,9Équilibre vie privée/professionnelle

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Journées de travail active, bonne écoute des responsables. Point d'amélioration : travail d'équipe en (3x8) même s'il est bien organisé.Dans l'ensemble je me suis bien plus dans cette entreprise.

Points négatifs

horaire 3x8
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Great atmosphere and people

Just started (less than 5 months in) but great team and overall great place to learn brand marketing. Lots of learning opportunities Even though it is a heavily criticized industry, the company does value people more than I thought ( again this is for the corporate standards)
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A revoir

Suite au volume de sous traitance plus de stabilité d’emploi c’est vraiment dommage.

Points positifs

Beau bâtiment

Points négatifs

Trop de micro management
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Beaucoup de stress, peu de remerciement, gross reorganisation qui a fait des dégâts

Points positifs

Salaire et LPP

Points négatifs

Stress, culture d'entreprise
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Réponse officielle de Philip Morris International

16 février 2023
Hello and thank you for sharing your review. We are sorry to hear about your experience with us. We appreciate your honesty and take feedbacks like this seriously. We would like to invite you to speak with your HR or line manager to discuss further on the issues pointed out. Once again, thank you for sharing this review.

Hierarkisk miljö -bra lön

Lön och förmåner är bra. Men kulturen dålig. Det är viktigare vem man känner än vad man gör. Ständiga omorganisationer gör det svårt att arbeta långsiktigt.
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Good money but horrible management.

You can expect higher than average compensation however there is a price to it - you work in tobacco company, producing deadly products which make people addicted and miserable regarding their health. Job itself is not interesting and many "wanna be" managers will go over and over again already good results to promote themselves, yes - themselves, not you who did the work. You will be only a number, insignificant and have to always say "yes sir" with smile. Try your best with some other company - You will have less money but you will be more happy and will not have to go through that management mumbo jumbo.
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Great experience but glad I'm gone

The most important thing I can say about this organization is that your peers will be wonderful, intelligent, hard-working people and the senior management are essentially sociopaths. There's not really any chance of professional development or advancement because it's always "not a good time" due to constant reorganization and shifting priorities at the top. Great work-life balance because of Switzerland's strict labor laws. However, you're given the impression that more work/harder work leads to advancement, which is completely inaccurate.

Points positifs

Work-life balance

Points négatifs

Senior management, no development/advancement
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Je le recommande à tout le monde

Une entreprise en or et j’étais très fier de travailler avec eux

Points positifs


Points négatifs

Pas de point négatif
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A éviter si possible

Ambiance toxique.beaucoup d'entre soi et de copinage. Peu de professionalisme.Désorganisation du service ( work place experience) et ambiance délétère.

Points positifs

Bel environnement de travail
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Good place to work in

Full of benefits, this place have a very good management and the atmosphere as well as organisation culture are very appreciated
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good place to work but with some important cons

Lots of different management styles in the company and not much of standard processes. Every employee may have a complete different experience when it comes to coaching, training, performance review and expectations, flex-work, etc. Stressful environment in general. "Yes, sir" culture makes non priorities to become urgencies in a second. Senior management micro-manages on projects and expects executors to review over and over results and plans. In a way it makes sense since the size of the business makes small changes to anything to deliver or risk millions of dollars. However, it doesnt help employees to develop decision making skills and it is hard to propose new and out of the box ideas.The company in general takes good care of employees, but it gives you the feeling that they focus only on the things that could be mentioned to the outside world (response to COVID, year'end celebration, etc.), and dont care much about day to day employees happiness and wellbeing.In addition, there is always something new being piloted, organizations are always changing. It is hard to feel stable at your position or on having job security.

Points positifs

Beautiful offices, Work-Life balance, Free coffee and sodas

Points négatifs

Lack of job stability, Unnecesary stress, lack of career plan, completely subjective performance reviews
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Grande entreprise salaire motivant bonne ambiance avec les collaborateurs.
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Great interiors motivating you to work

The place is pulsating with energy and there are people discussing work everyday. Time is money there and people work quite professionally. A typical day starts around 8:00, many people have breakfast while discussing. I always thought that I had good presentation skills, but my skills sharpened even more here with many impromptu meetings. The management follows matrix system and the workplace is quite relaxed. The best part about my job was that I learned many new techniques and worked on my own,the most difficult part was that with most projects being result oriented, exploration into basic science takes a little backseat then.
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Nice compensation but very poor work culture

Nice company to work for if you are 40+ with 2 kids plus a non-working partner. WL balance is great, compensation as well, but the day-to-day is quite boring and disconnected from business reality.
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Environnement de travail agréable

Superbes locaux, attention portée à la vie en dehors du travail.

Points positifs

Beaucoup de clubs de sport gratuits

Points négatifs

Cantine chère
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Good benefits

Very good benefits like hugh salary, good bonus (both stock and cash), health insurance contributions Work can become tough during peak periods during budget
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Azienda solida in transformazione

Ambiente di lavoro stimolante ma allo stesso modo complesso !
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A relaxed and comfortable workplace

I thoroughly enjoyed my time working at PMI and would definitely consider working there in the future if the opportunity arises. It is a comfortable workspace where everyone is focused on their goal.

Points positifs

Wellness center, nap pods, massage rooms

Points négatifs

Lack of parking
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Job does not match what was promissed

Job does not match what was promissed and I end up doing a job for which I am far overskilled. Management does not take accountablity for their mistake
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Environnement agréable

Très grande structure très inpersonnelle et très competitive

Points positifs


Points négatifs

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Umsatzgesteuerter Betrieb

- Guter Arbeitgeber - schnelllebiges Geschäft - gute Entlöhnung
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