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J'aimerais faire mon avenir dans cette entreprise apprendre développer mes connaissances et partager mon savoir faire avoir unplan de carrière
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interesting and challenging

Woking at Novartis HQ will bring you a wealth of surprises and challenges, The campus is hige there is a lot to learn and a lot to see about the company. Its a very good job as you can also work from home .
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Collaborative culture

High level of independence, but timid management that often don't stand up for the analytics function. Good work life balance, with lots of part time working options
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To be avoided

Lack of integrity and science. Frequent organizational changes lead to uncertainty.Unacceptable behaviors towards women, especially young ones.Pay is ok.
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Stimolante arricchente coinvolgente

Quali sono gli aspetti migliori del tuo ruolo presso lazienda?Possibilità di crescita professionale de lavoro in teamQuali sono gli aspetti più stressanti del ruolo presso lazienda?Possibilità di elevata crescita professionale e grande opportunità di lavoro in team in contesto di multinazionale Come sono lambiente e la cultura lavorativi presso lazienda?Etica, coraggio, responsabilità, senso di appartenenza, ascoltoCome si svolge una tua tipica giornata lavorativa presso lazienda?Brevi meeting di aggiornamento dello stato delle attività, distribuzione carichi di lavoro, svolgimento delle proprie attività individuali o in gruppo, riscontro periodico dei risultati
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Informations sur Novartis

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Points forts

  • Capacité à atteindre des objectifs personnels
  • Capacité à apprendre de nouvelles choses

Points à améliorer

  • Confiance vis-à-vis des collègues
  • Sentiment d'appartenance
  • Soutien du responsable

HR and structure

Job is okay, co workers are selfish and HR is not getting active. Never again! May be in a different Department the job and environment is better. Novartis as a Company has a lot to offer so still positive possibilities.
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Cemetery of talents and motivation

Never ending transformation kills employees’ motivation and courage to bring innovative medicines to the patients. Job security is almost non-existing. Paycheck is below industry’s standards. The hybrid work model which used to be a good balance for poor compensation is now being eliminated
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Schlechtes Arbeitsklima

Das einzig Gute ist die Bezahlung, die aber auch nicht über dem Durchschnitt liegt, außer im höheren Management. Das Arbeitsklima ist sehr schlecht und geprägt von Misstrauen, Manipulation, Stress und Mobbing. Man muss Glück haben, um in einem freundlichen Team zu arbeiten. Micromanagement ist an der Tagesordnung, obwohl von der Firmenspitze „unbossed“-Kultur propagiert wird. Mehr Schein als Sein.

Points positifs

Gehalt, Social Benefits

Points négatifs

Schlechtes Arbeitsklima, Micromanagement, Schikane, ständige Umstrukturierung
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This Company Has Meetings About Meetings About Meetings

This company really has in-depth meetings about meetings about upcoming meetings. I spent a week of my initial training time, in meetings, preparing for a meeting with upper management.

Points positifs

Lots of Meetings

Points négatifs

Training Is Chaotic
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Good company, but constant reorganization, slow personal Development, depends on your manager, too little Resource to deliver unrealistic milestones, nice campus
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Into the unknown

It felt amazing, thrilling and exciting to start working for Novartis, especially when you come from abroad. It has been a couple of years and I am still on the external contract. The differences between internal and externals are huge and the company makes sure that you feel it at every step - Moneywise and privilege wise, even though you work the same or even more as others. At the moment the Management is a disaster, workers cannot rely on them, all they say is it cannot be done etc. I am looking forward to find something else and leave this awful working conditions behind. It causes a lot of unnecessary stress in life. P.S. External companies take approx 1500 chf for themselfs from the money they get from Novartis for your salary (running costs and other "important" things).

Points positifs


Points négatifs

salary, work condition, benefits, beein external
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Was good

Good experience overall. Some nice and competent colleagues but a too big proportion of talkers / not do-ers, especially consultants hired with 0 experience in the area and paid much moreToo much politics and changes for changes, with 0 value add or even for the worst
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Micro-management et politique

Micro-management et politique.Vagues successives de licenciements.
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Good Purpose but short term vision

Company with a great purpose but financials is driving every decision with a short term perspective. There is a constant change of strategy, never finishing a transformation. The company needs a more long term vision
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bonne formation

place to be for people who want to progress in their life

Points positifs

salaire élevé

Points négatifs

beaucoup de hierarchie
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A lot of uncertainty

Good place to learn and growth, full range of opportunities. However this year the situation changed and there were a lot of uncertainties within the team
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Experience interéssante

La culture, le professionalism et l'atitude des gens.

Points positifs

Basel campus

Points négatifs

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Great summer internship

Great place for a student internship. I developed a lot of professional skills. I don't work in the pharmaceutical industry, however, the end of high school internship is a great way to get a first insight into office culture before going off to uni. A typical day at work involved sorting old patent archives, helping the patents team identify the pharmaceutical companies that had unlawfully used molecules produced and patented by Novartis, and helping organise business trips and corporate events. I really enjoyed the independence and sense of responsibility I was granted. Everyone was very nice.

Points positifs

Good pay, nice office culture, variety of things to do, good insight into professional life

Points négatifs

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A great place to learn, takes a lot of resilience to last there

Grateful to have worked here, learned a lot, from many smart and talented people. After this experience though, I do not intend to work in corporate again. The reorgs and constant cost-cutting were draining and caused a lot of confusion throughout the organization And like most big companies, connections and self-promotion go much farther than hard work and tangible results. Collaboration is touted by management but rarely exhibited or practiced by those who move up in the organization. Speak up culture is encouraged but rarely demonstrated for fear of losing one's livelihood. With all that said, the Basel campus was a relatively nice place to work. At the time I left in 2019, jobs were being moved en masse abroad, so I am not sure how it is today (2023).

Points positifs

Good compensation, nice campus, diverse staff

Points négatifs

Constant shakeups, lack of clear direction from management, poor sense of job security
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actions dont always meet the words

brutal organization one day your wanted and required the next day your out and nobody wants to meet or speak with you very ageist and doesnt want older experienced people and doesnt want people who know their worth they like desperate cheap people

Points positifs

big company

Points négatifs

treatment of staff
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Sustainability Intern

Felt valued within the team. Got given roles to do independently and to collaborate. Initiated meetings with internal and external stakeholders and presented findings to senior management.
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