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La société Liebherr Group

​The Liebherr Group has represented leading-edge technical products and services for about 70 years. Our divisions encompass earthmoving, mining, mobile cranes, tower cranes, maritime cranes, concrete technology, machine tools and automation systems, aerospace and transportation systems, components, domestic appliances and hotels. Today Liebherr – 
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Liebherr-The Movie

What is it that makes the work within the Liebherr Group amazing? What is the fascination in the day-to-day work about? And what is the strong link our employees can feel each day? It is the passion they share. A passion about technology. And about the many opportunities they are given for individual development.

Liebherr - Next Generation

Liebherr - International but with family spirit

As a certification engineer, Ankit Sharma takes a close look at engines. For at the end of the day he is the one who certifies them for the whole world. And this is exactly what makes his job so special: he works on products for the world, but the spirit of a family business is still there. ‘Liebherr is a family business and we work exactly like a family – we can rely on each other!’

Liebherr - Meet international challenges

Lei Shen never gets bored while working at Liebherr. As homologation specialist, she is responsible for the world’s biggest cranes and their approval procedure in total. High technical understanding, intercultural competence and the huge individual responsibility are the most fascinating parts of Lei’s work within the Liebherr Group.

Liebherr as an employer

The Liebherr Group has enjoyed international success for decades, and is renowned for its outstanding achievements in many technological fields. It is our employees who make this possible, through the passion they put into their daily work. They are a vital key to the company’s success. 48,000 faces – 48,000 stories. What do they have in common? They share the belief of the company’s founder, Hans Liebherr, that you can achieve goals that may seem impossible at first. Each and every one of our employees is eager to contribute his own original ideas to help create the right solutions for our customers, however challenging the task. Using the freedom to act that they are given, they can count on a strong team spirit. We are always on the lookout for talented people who will contribute their skills and enthusiasm to Liebherr, a family-owned company, in all kinds of different fields. We are waiting for you!