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Travail à flux variables Bonnes Bon Suffisant Stress dû aux flux variables Une certaine liberté d'entreprendre
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Internationales Umfeld

Internationale, offene Unternehmenskultur mit Freiheiten, z. B work from home

Points positifs

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fun place

fun place to work. highly recommend. Very friendly work environment. The company does a great job of creating a fun environment that also motivates people to be their best. For example we had quarterly team exercises that are invaluable in getting everyone to work well together.
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Possibility to enhance your professional skills.

You are given the opportunity to enhance your professional skills with an on-going evaluation. On the evaluation, you're coached on how you can meet your goals.
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Stable, but overgrown with corpo-formalities

Stable, but overgrown with corpo-formalities, matrix organization, name of the positions do not reflect the work scope. A bit messy. Compensation ok, but no bonusses.
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Multinational with a start-up feel

No need to introduce BIG BLUE. But did you know that it's all about Cloud and AI? It's like working in a start-up, cutting-edge every day! Working with traditional Suisse customers on their digital journeys to disrupt their industry.
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Productive and fun workplace

Good place for a first job, not easy to advance in your career. Lots of projects to work on which can give with the possibility to travel a lot. Management can be improved.
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Empresa agradavel de trabalhar

Boa empresa dependendo da responsavel que tenha. Trabalhei 15 anos na empresa foi uma otima experiença, pena ter acabado. A minha ultima responsavel nao era por minha opiniao boa responsavel.
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Gutes Team

Die IBM heute zu bewerten masse ich mir nicht an. Es ist zu lange her seit ich dort gearbeitet habe. Auf jeden Fall anschauen. Ich hatte dort eine gute Zeit.
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Interessante und vielseitige Tätigkeit als Leiter Operations IBM in UBS

Points positifs


Points négatifs

Arbeitszeit und Arbeitsorte
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Good place to work

IBM is a good place to work and the work culture in this company is quite good. Work life balance can be achieved here and management supports career growth.
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Ich konnte viel nowhow erwerben

Bei IBM habe ich im Outsorcing in der Produktionsplanung für eine Versicherung gearbeitet. Bereits nach kurzer Zeit konnte ich in die Mainframe Systemgroup wechseln. Hier war ich für Tivoli Workload Scheduler und diverse Tools zuständig. Dabei konnte ich viele Kenntnisse in der Installation und Administration anwenden. Während der letzten 2 Jahre war ich im ITS Consulting. Hier habe ich ein UC4 Projekt in der Industrie erfolgreich abgeschlossen.
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Internationaler Arbeitgeber mit vielen Möglichkeiten

Ein grosses internationales Unternehmen mit vielen Möglichkeiten. Leider stark aus den USA gesteuert und ohne Verständnis für die kleine Schweiz. Wenig Spielraum für das lokale Management Guter Austausch von Informationen lokal und weltweit. Wenn man möchte stehen einem viele Türen offen. Man muss sie jedoch selber nutzen. .

Points positifs

Grosses Unternehmen mit vielen offenen Türen.

Points négatifs

Management Entscheide aus USA ohne Verständnis für die Schweiz
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Good company to fill up your backpack of knowledge

IBM is great at squeezing as much work as they can out of their dedicated employees. Long hours often include not just nights but also weekends to meet aggressive deadlines because some higher up manager makes unreasonable promises to clients. Everyone works really well together and is super professional. Definitely some of the most intelligent people I have worked with. A very diverse company which goes over and above to embrace diversity.

Points positifs

There are many opportunities for learning and completing certifications at IBM, get what you can from this before you leave.

Points négatifs

Even as a high performer, no job is secure at IBM. Managers uave better job security for certain.
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Just another number

Execute and continue...essentially do your job and with a low enough profile, you fly under the radar for as long as you need. Networking is more important than overall skillset
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Sehr menschlicher Arbeitgeber

Die IBM Schweiz legt Wert auf die Work-Life-Balance jedes einzelnen Mitarbeiters und fördert junge Talente laufend.
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Organización por procesos

IBM facilita en gran medida la inclusión de personal con experiencia reducida, al incorporar en los procesos diarios de las tareas, un diagrama específico para cada función. La flexibilidad de permitir el diseño personal de procesos, aumenta la satisfacción personal del trabajo para cumplir las tareas.
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Großunternehmen, dynamisch aber auch teilweise unflexibel
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It is a long step too register and sorry I do not wanna really give my review on IBM. It wouldn't be fair probably. IBM is a great company but, in my opinion, too often I had the impression there are two kind of IBM, the one on the edge of the technology and the rest which is almost totally forgotten.
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Arbeitsort: Luzern, Deutschschweiz, Zürich

Flexibler Arbeitgeber, wie zum Beispiel von zu Hause aus Arbeiten.
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IBM Zurich

Coworkers and colleagues were fun to work with and the laboratory equipment was state of the art allowing for an innovative work environment. Bureaucratic and administrative requirements were frustrating. Constant restructuring every few years made it hard to match yourself with company ideals/goals.

Points positifs

Coworkers and colleagues were fun to work with

Points négatifs

Bureaucratic and Administrative requirements were frustrating
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