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Relationship Manager (Zurich)
le 5 mai 2020
Family Friendly Bank
A good bank for individuals who like remaining in their role for over several years without career advancement opportunities. Lack of exposure in staff. A great place to retire. The family oriented bank. 100% JOB SECURITY.
Bank Officer - Transaction Banking Services (Zürich, ZH)
le 28 novembre 2014
A Happy and Convenient Place to Work
Our timing is from 8:00 am to 2:30 pm (for Emirati, till 5:00 pm for Expatriates). Everyday I come to work at around 7:20 am and start doing my job soon. I always put my passion when doing my job, so I really enjoyed doing my present position as Bank Officer where I do mostly documentations of the bank, opening account, changes and amendments. In our department, we are only 2 Emirati and most of them are expatriates, but I learned how to deal with them well. There is no discrimination when it comes to inter-acting in job accomplishment. Although I go out early at 2:30 pm, the hardest part of me is the travel time which is like almost an hour from Habib Bank which is in Outsource Zone Dubai. I live in Deira, Dubai and it takes me like an hour travel. With regards to the job description and assignment that I do everyday, I have got no complaints at all, because I am a person who put the dedications and all when performing the job. My only wish is to work in the Accounting Department, because it is my line, considering the fact that I have graduated as a Bachelor of Commercial Science, major in Accounting. One more thing, compared to other banks, the compensation is not that high.
Deputy Manager (Zürich, ZH)
le 7 septembre 2014
Its a Family Bank I gave best of my Life 31 years and found the Banks Owners Most Honest and Mercyfull To their Loyal Hard Working And Honest Employee
Not Only Good and Very Kind Hearted Owners But Very Nice And Gentle Listener to their employees complains/ problems including personals / professional and Families Problems and their reasonable solution and lots more. After retirement My son Been Absorbed in My place, I got all my dues / Gratuity and Pension Compensation Immediately and I got Medical Compensation Additional Helping Funds Towards My One Sick Son In UAE and An EXTRA Living Time After My retirement date. There is lot more can be discussed on demand. Thnkx
Trade finance (Zürich, ZH)
le 3 décembre 2013
extremely busy and fun to work
Processing of documents received from foreign banks. Checking customers balances in order to carry out transactions for their accounts. Correspondents with foreign banks. Authorisation of transactions. Printing various reports. Dealing with auditors three time a year being the most difficult part of the job. Receiving good increments every year.
Executive Secretary to CEVP (Zürich, ZH)
le 8 juin 2013
My Job Comprised of a very hectic schedule from 8am to 5pm - Sundays to Thursdays. I worked with a Global Audit Team of 18 Chartered Accountants. ( All Professionals ). I miss working with them as I spent 13 years with the organization.

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