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3,7Équilibre vie privée/professionnelle

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Demanding but rewarding place to work at for those selected to succeed.

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There is no 'typical' day at Glencore. There is a lot of travel involved for many of its employees (first flight out, last flight back culture) and expectations are high as to individual output and productivity. The management culture and hierarchy is broadly flat and gives space to those who like to manage themselves but by the same token, gives only limited guidance to those seeking a more defined career development path. Personal loyalty to a particular departmental head trumps any other consideration when it comes to deciding a person's future within the company. This is certainly not a transparent system and is much open to abuse. Overall, the challenges of the job make for an interesting work mix and for those who succeed (or are selected to succeed) it can be a rewarding culture to work within, with interesting and talented colleagues from diverse backgrounds and cultures. For those employees falling outside the 'circle of confidence' of a departmental head, it can be a culture founded on fear and suspicion, and is therefore not a rewarding environment to work within.
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Poor management and Bad corporate culture

Pro : Salary, Good business travel condition Lunch paid Cons: Poor Management : no performance assessment, no org chart, no job title Bad corporate culture : culture of shaming and always someone else is responsible for lower performance, no strategy communicated, no flexibility to change job, if you start in 1 departement very few chance to change. Bonus completely discretionary, if your boss like you maybe you get something nice, if not don't ask HR for any support.
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-Wettbewerb zwischen Kollegen, keine Zusammenarbeit, aussergewöhnlicher Dresscode, arrogantes Management. +Angestelltenbonus
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Good working environment

The company is a huge trading organization, but has a flat structure. In Group IT Division, the team is quite dynamic and relax. If given an opportunity, I will not hesitate to re-join this company.
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Management is too busy

No time to discuss anything they rather find problems when it is too late. No interest in the employees. No collaboration. People stay at the office far too long.

Points positifs

Free lunches and gym classes

Points négatifs

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Empresa sólida y consolidada Ambiente gente joven Dinámica
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Dynamisches Unternehmen

Sehr flache Hierarchie, Viel Spielraum um Entscheidungen selber zu treffen, Proaktives arbeiten, Dynamisches Umfeld, International und Multikulturell
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hard work with no life balance

A good place to learn, unhealthy environment, extremely competitive, poor management. Too much tasks to do and all is very important Extremely stressful with no support from the managers

Points positifs

personal card for lunch, gym available with classes at lunch time and evening

Points négatifs

extremely too much to do, compromissing even your breaks, poor management and HR.
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Best place to learn the business

Glencore has a strong corporate culture and very demanding and challenging environment. You can learn business processes and excellence in operations and trading.
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ambitious workplace

good place to work for if you like to go into commodity trading. many working hours but also huge after-work culture. many expats and interesting ppl, very intercultural
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Summer internship

I worked on a summer internship at Glencore and found it to be very interesting. My work was based in the ferroalloys department where we focused on chrome and manganese.
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Shark environment and never-ending working days

They sure pay well and have plenty of benefits, but I wouldn't recommend working there unless you are ready to commit all your life 100% to the company. Be ready to work until late everyday. It is considered normal to go to the office on Sundays and even bank holidays.
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Trading giant turned miner - good firm but has lost some of it's edge

Extremely flat, very little hierarchy. Work is stimulating and you get a good amount of responsibility from the get-go. Management is questionable but that will sort itself out within 5 years.

Points positifs

Great benefits (christmas party, christmas gifts, facilities), pay

Points négatifs

lost it's aggressive culture
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Chaotic but fun, laborious after a while

Sometimes hard to see the forest for the trees Baar is the centre of where things happen, but little sense of strategic thinking and poor governance
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