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Graphic Designer53 avis

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4,2Équilibre vie privée/professionnelle

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Great overall. Recommended to freshers

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Fiverr is great for skill development for freshers. like I did. I have learn to make website also while working with fiverr. see my site that I designed:
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Productive and fun place

Workplace fantastic for freelancer. I work with costumer around the world and when finished a project I get a very good review.It takes a lot of work to grow and develop a career.

Points positifs


Points négatifs

Long hours
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Fiverr is very good marketplace

Fiverr is a very good marketplace. I am working on it for 4 years. I am happy to work with them. I do recommend my all friends to work at Fiverr. Fiverr is very helpful for all sellers.

Points positifs

Free lunches, Free time work

Points négatifs

good time spent with family
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Productive and needs a lot of effort but worth it.

My experience with Fiverr personally has been good. To be honest, the more you put in, the more you'll get good results. It's all about you. You can either work at your own pace or fully dive in and become the best. It's all up to you.

Points positifs

Work at your own pace

Points négatifs

Can be difficult for beginners
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Fiverr Experience

It was a good experience but there's many competition I think peoples who hire are 35_40% and peoples who are working,, are 60% percent,, difficult for Beginners ,, it depends on your luck and your skills
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excellent services and a lot of things that make workflow easy

amazing platform for earning and have many more things that allow me to unleash my creativity and help me to manage my financial issues. that was I really want
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1. Productive and Fun working place2. Fast reply3. Professional experience 4. Friendly and helpful

Love working with clients on Fiverr. Fast and effective service. Get paid fairly and very professional people. 24/7 helpful service. Friendly service
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Graphic designer here!

It’s not terrible but far from perfect. No guaranteed income. Sometimes spotty and not reliable. Company takes 20% leaving you to raise prices and have sales drop.

Points positifs

Flex availability, Be your own boss, work from anywhere.

Points négatifs

Takes 20%, spotty times, unreliable income, fiverr will most likely always side and protect customers.
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Great for gig workers

The biggest downside is they take from your tips as well as a percentage too big from your commission fee. The company will most likely side with the buyers as well and not really protect the sellers.
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Abusive clients and Fiverr Support condescending to it

I learned nothing.It was horrible, it made me depressed.And Fiverr let it all happen when I begged for help.The client is always right because all they (Fiverr) want is money. Who cares about freelancers, right?

Points positifs

Absolutely nothing

Points négatifs

Care, Respect, Fairness, Notion, Organization
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fiverr best place for freelancing

fiverr best place for freelancing,I have been working here since 2018,I don't like many of them. For example, fiverr carries a lot of fees. The condition of fiverr's customer care service is not so good
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Excellent marketplace for freelancer

Excellent marketplace for freelancer. Anyone have good communication and convening skills can get a job quickly. I have done many projects there with good clients.
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fiverr good website

the work on fiverr it's good place for freelancers it give many chances to prove your skillsnow I am working on fiverr and I am still working on it.
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Great experience

This is very use full site. i like it and i am still working on this site i habe great experience with this site useful site i hope people like this site
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Great Experience

I have been working on Fiverr for the past 3 years. I am still a beginner in my respective field but the hard work in any niche on Fiverr pays off and the environment feels awesome.
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Freelancing platform

Its a platform where different freelancers are providing their services. I am providing my services as well in Microsoft Office and Adobe Photoshop here.
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Fiverr Freelance

Its perfect Site to do online earnings work from home Easy to Get Earnings Strict Rules and regulations Everyone can try to start something he can do.
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Good for beginners

this site is good for beginners. Anyone can get a task here and get paid. So this is a best place to get hired. So keep trying and never give up on your dreams.
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Very impressive and it gives much to learn.

Fiverr is really good for the person seeking a job, because it gives so much to learn about new projects and it also want your time, but i think it is also very enjoyable because you always have new things to play with and you always do great work because there's many options on a single thing to do so..
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Its a freelance website

I am happy to working here but now i want to work in field and gain some experience in industries and companies and give my services to to potential clients.
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Creative Marketplace is a creative Market place where people sell their different skills and experiences. It allows buyers and sellers from all around the world to do businesses.
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4,2 étoile(s) sur 5 pour Équilibre vie professionnelle/personnelle
3,7 étoile(s) sur 5 pour Salaire/Avantages sociaux
3,6 étoile(s) sur 5 pour Sécurité de l'emploi/Évolution de carrière
3,9 étoile(s) sur 5 pour Direction
4,0 étoile(s) sur 5 pour Culture d'entreprise

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