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4,2Équilibre vie privée/professionnelle

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Good website to earn extra bucks

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I have been selling on Fiverr since 2017 and found it very helpful in making extra bucks. It’s a very dynamic and highly competitive environment. So, you have to be on your A+ game to be really successful.
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it was rly hard to get noticed and spent too much time not getting anywhere. the clients were fine though and had no issues most of the time but some times
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Relaxed and comfortable working cutlure

Work with your own style and time. Time to think creatively and manage the project by ourselves. Being responsible for everything we do. Direct conversation with client help to build the client relationship.
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being free

it's just a freelance plate-forme like other sites, but it's the only site that worked perfectly for me, i made a good amount of money, good experience etc, i recommende fiverr, it takes a lot of taxes and have a strict policy but that how it is so go with it and you will make some good money and exprience
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It is very good freelance marketplace

Fiverr is very nice freelance marketplace.i already work with give us payment on time.its 100% real and we can trust on fiverr.we can make easily account and start work
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You only get 80% of the earnings and it will be held for 2~3 weeks. What a rip-off

I only do Fiverr for fun and to practice my skillset. I can't imagine a person doing full-time on Fiverr.You only get 80% of the earnings and it will be held for 2~3 weeks. What a rip-off
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It was alright working with fiver during the start but after sometime they dump you they dont care about your experience and what not. All they are about is the buyers on fiver and provide no support to sellers. Biased towards buyers only
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Well had fun and flexibility was great. Pay was based on how well and fast I could get clients. Would recommend this if you have a special niche that peopke can look for or have an interest in.
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Good for here and there

You make your own hours and can work whenever you want doing whatever you want because it is a market place for freelancers. It is not that easy to get people to place a gig with you but depending on what you offer and how much you offer this company has potential for you to grow.

Points positifs

Work life balance

Points négatifs

Hard to find customers
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Freindly and Simple

Fiverr has given me the knowledge and social skills I need to expand to new regions. Though your working alone as 'self employed', Fiverr is always there too help, it's easy to be contacted and receive your payments however work is scarce and despite being a 5 star freelancer with a badge making me stand out from the rest I still struggle to find clients.

Points positifs

Learning all the time!

Points négatifs

Not reliable
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Competitive but a nice environment

It is very very competitive. You need to display and provide the best set of assets you have got in order to attract your potential customers. It took me about 2-3 weeks to get a customer and I consider myself lucky because it was kind of difficult for me to get a customer as a newbie.
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adaptive workplace

its been an year I am working at fiverr , since freelancing is not for everyone , Its a good short term earning solution but not fruitful in a long run in my case ,maybe its opposite for others .
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Great work place

I'm a freelancer graphic designer. Pros Easy to work with clients.If I want I can get a break anytime, no stress Cons It's hard to get jobs from customers,
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full remote easy to use interface no fee needed jobs are responsive strict with their clients pauses the account for no known reason room for improvement on that part
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Good Freelancing Workplace

Fiverr is a online freelance market, which provides freelancers a good workplace to showcase their skills and get work from all over the world. There are no Salary Benefits or Job Security/Advancement, because Fiverr is just a medium for a meetup between a buyer and a seller.

Points positifs

Once your gig ranks up, then you start getting work automatically

Points négatifs

Once your gig goes down, then you can't expect any work automatically
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2013 Great market for creative sellers - 2019 very STRESSFUL for creative sellers

Fiverr trate sellers like a slave. If a buyer open a case with paypal or their bank and opss you worked for free.Your order will cancelled and your account will affected.Fiverr can not help you from chargeback even you delivered the the order and got a good review. Support agents are incompetent and arrogant.Definitively working on fiverr is very STRESSFUL.
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A good place for starters

Fiverr is an online platform for freelancers to connect with employers. I developed great work ethics while working here e.g on-time delivery, Communication, ability to visually express a client's idea. Fun part is you work from home and the hard part is you hardly get jobs as a beginner on the platform.

Points positifs

Work from home, tips, pay in dollars

Points négatifs

small pay, very difficult to get jobs
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Great experience.

Great experience to work on fiverr. As a freelane company fiverr is the best site for freelancers. People can show their ability on fiverr. And earn a good amount.
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Graphics Field

It's a great way to earn from your skills but at the same time Fiverr doesn't care about It's sellers security which makes it worse.There are some buyers who fraud sellers and yet fiverr don't take actions and on complaining they say that they can't do anything if a buyers doesn't like any work. Even after showing that client did liked the work and ended up doing fraud, Taking designs and not paying money

Points positifs

Free to work on

Points négatifs

Freelancing work
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Bestest work place

I can work on my own. Flexible work hours. Clients are lovely and I decide the time frame of my work and the cost. The system is hassle free and is very user friendly.
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Productive and fun workplace

Productive and fun workplace. I'm happy. Fiverr is a comfortable workplace for me. I feel better in this place. Fiverr
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