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Bon début pour du freelancing. Ça met quand même du temps à se lancer au début.
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Productive workplace with many opportunities to learn new things but sometimes too much pressure about the target

Mostly positive working environment where colleagues are mostly supportive to junior colleagues, except for some young senior managers who doesn't have patience with new employees. Scoping with large number of tickets and not be able to fullfil target which makes pressure (target is set and checked for every two hours). My manager is very positive, kind and responsible person who cares about her team while it's might not be the case with other managers.
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Good and Help full

Its Good for front end and back end is very......its a good parson for Development and Designing ... l like You for Thank You...
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Brief taste of what freelancing is like

This is a place to introduce you to freelancing. It is next to impossible to make a living on the platform though due to the site taking a 20% cut of everything. Customers range from toxic to great but the Fiverr support team is inconsistent with their support rulings so if confrontation occurs goodluck solving it with your client directly

Points positifs

They handle ads, Decent customer volumes, Payment system is simple, Level system is decent.

Points négatifs

20% is taken from everything including tips, Support team cant help much, Very stringent rules that if broken = ban with little to no opportunity to resolve
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Fiverr allows for a lot of great flexibility.

I think Fiverr is a wonderful opportunity for motivated people to earn money and be able to work from home. I've been offering services for years and you can really build a loyal customer base using this medium.
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Good balance but work inconsistent

When you're getting tons of orders, life is good, and when you're not, it can be discouraging. You never know what you're going to get week to week. I love the flexibility and ability to work remotely, but it isn't dependable income.

Points positifs


Points négatifs

Income not stable
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being free

it's just a freelance plate-forme like other sites, but it's the only site that worked perfectly for me, i made a good amount of money, good experience etc, i recommende fiverr, it takes a lot of taxes and have a strict policy but that how it is so go with it and you will make some good money and exprience
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They really don't help you promote.

The lack of security for orders shows how Fiverr simply does not care about us. I truly wish that the variety of stuff we could do would grow ourselves and our pockets.
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More about Fiverr:The payment is very *Secure.*Trusted*Consistency*Easy to get

Working here (remote) as video editor is really fun where you get to know that client really want. And are you really capable of doing what client needs. It Makes you punctual and hardworking.
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Market Place yang bagus bagi pemula maupun profesional

Sangat ramai dan pelanggan sangat ramah disana, sangat menambah pengalaman kerja
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In linea di massima buono, bisogna saperlo utilizzare
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It's a very good place to work for freelancers and we receive genuine buyers and payment iOS credited on time. You can work from home and do anything you want
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Environnement de travail agreable

Environnement de travail agréable, bonnes conditions pour travailler
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This is a really shady company that doesn’t care about it’s workers. I work as a package handler on day sort but I double shift and do the evening sort as well. Minus peak season the hours are short, I’m lucky if I get 3 hours on either shift even though they guarantee you 3.5 which is a blatant lie. The wage is $15 which is mediocre (during peak they had us at $17 but they quickly cut it back to $15 because of corporate greed), the Union here has very weak bargaining power and a lot of workers don’t even know about it. The supervisors often work you to death and rush you excessively and yell at you. Overall not a good place to work.
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Productive but competive for freelancers

I recommend fiverr to beginer freelancers to start their career and their customer support is so supportive that if you face any issue while dealing with buyers, they will fully cooperate and support you.
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Not a fair company or reputation

I’ve worked on Fiverr for 5 years, starting when I was a teenager. Back then, it was great because I could make money after school online doing something I loved (music production), and get some experience to draw upon in life, but I earned very little. After spending years working for a fraction of minimum wage, I eventually got enough reviews to attract clients to larger budgets. However, this just highlighted how much of the money gets taken by Fiverr - 20%. They even take 20% of your tips, so a $150 job becomes a $120 job becomes a £70-80 job after conversion. There is also no protection for the sellers. In my experience, low rates attract greedy clients who endlessly reopen orders with lists of changes and requests, until you either work 4X as much as agreed, or have to cancel the order and lose everything - but they still get the files you’ve sent. The company needs to start treating sellers more fairly by reducing their cut, at least from tips, and providing a system to report buyers for unfair treatment other than to cancel and refund the order. If changes aren’t made, Fiverr will continue to be regarded as a greedy corporation that relies on and exploits the desperation of freelancers without a steady flow of clients.
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excellent services and a lot of things that make workflow easy

amazing platform for earning and have many more things that allow me to unleash my creativity and help me to manage my financial issues. that was I really want
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Be your own Boss

Work any time when you want to do work!! No rush and stress to complete task.Do your best to deliver bestest final result and gain client trust and go with long term.
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1. Productive and Fun working place2. Fast reply3. Professional experience 4. Friendly and helpful

Love working with clients on Fiverr. Fast and effective service. Get paid fairly and very professional people. 24/7 helpful service. Friendly service
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Its okay

Its a good way to earn a side hustle but the fees are really high and some customers could be extremely not understanding. But there are some reall good customers as well

Points positifs

Work from home

Points négatifs

High fees
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Fiverr gives you the liberty to create your own schedule and work on your own terms. Although there is no job security as buyers rating can literally ruin your profile, also sellers are not protected on the platform just the buyers so you are at the mercies of the buyer. Overall it is fair enough.
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