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Avis des employé·es pour EF Education First (Zürich, ZH)

Procurement (Zürich, ZH)
le 29 novembre 2022
Salaire insuffisant charge de travail trop importante
Salaire insuffisant charge de travail trop importante
Marketing (Zurich, Switzerland)
le 18 novembre 2020
The only good thing was the travel
I worked with EF Education First in Zurich for three years. During that time I learned a lot. Sadly, not enough as it related to my career advancement and more about myself and how much mistreatment and bad management I'm willing to put up with before I move on to another company. Compensation was terribly low, management wasn't ever trained, there was almost no accountability in any of the departments I worked regularly with. On occasion, you'd find a department that did things well and there were so many amazing people in every team, but unfortunately, your success really came down to the product president and management from the top down. The hardest part of the job was definitely that feeling of inconsistency, the high turnover rate, and an ever-changing vision. The best part was meeting amazing people from all over the world and the opportunities you'd get to travel. I also just have to add that in my opinion, the way layoffs were handled around the covid-19 pandemic was especially cruel.
Tour Leader (Zürich, ZH)
le 17 novembre 2020
I literally love this company and to work with them. We are a huge family around the world.
Marketing Manager (Zürich, ZH)
le 29 mai 2020
Toxic environment
Incompetent Management and Toxic environment- No career advancement. No proper training and on-boarding. Overall poor employee quality. Very low salaries.
Flights Coordinator (Zürich, ZH)
le 2 mai 2020
Great if you are a young single workaholic with a (false) hope to work your way up the ladder
Incompetent management treating employees like children. Voluntary partying, going out and drinking outside work feel compulsory. Useless business trips to the other side of the world just to get drunk. If you're young, single and with no commitments outside work you'll like it, job offers a lot of social interaction and travel. If you have a family you'll hate it.

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