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3,6Culture d'entreprise

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il y a un esprit d'équipe et un envirenement du travail agréable
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Good culture, smart people, good learning environment

Worked here as a solution architect for 6 years. During this time, I learnt alot beause my team , managers and mentors taught me alot. I was very lucky to have a sales mentor, enterprise architect mentor and a fantastic manager for 4 out of the 6 years as an architect. I had an internal promotion after 2 years. Line management is generally good, but and next level is good. But I've never seen anything done of value by Senior Execs. The cloud business unit was probably the most useless internal mob I ever encountered. They lived in their different world and operated differently. The most enjoyable part of the job is that you got to work with good clients and good interesting projects. When I say good clients, I dont mean ones that price shop you to death or ones that constantly want free consulting. Workpalce culture was good when I was there. When other architects come to DiData, they learnt alot of new stuff through internal governance and the rigorous planning required ahead of deal submission.
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Productive and collaborative

Relaxed, fast paced during submission of reports or payroll cut off. I have developed new skills and I have HR experience because of Dimension Data. Culture, bright, friendly and diverse. Hardest part is submitting the final report ensuring that it has the most absolute accuracy and you have left nothing out and that it balances, which always does and dead line always met. The most enjoyable part is after submission, its like you've achieved something great, because the hard work and effort put takes a lot of time and its feels great when you have reached the final part of it and submit.
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Love it

Just a great company hands down. enjoy the benefits, the character of people. the facilities, the charity work, the diversity, inclusiveness, sustainability. Training programs are awesome too!
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The is a growth at Dimension Data and i would to recommend people to work at , the culture is respected because I have been there for 9 years but i haven't had a problem with my boss

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Study for free

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paying medical aid 100 percent
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Great Work Life Balance

Great Company, excellent flexibility. Continuous education. great work environment. Good culture. Need to work on being inclusive in various positions.
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Initially solid until realignment and takeover

Fundamentals from a client value perspective continued to motivate Year-Over-Year growth and profit. After realignment and then acquisitions, the new culture fostered unknown employment status for growth, employee development and resulted in downsizing. At one point multiple departures, retirements and demotions from the CEO level and below.
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productieve, snelle klantgedreven

geweldig teamwerk en geweldige cultuur. management was er altijd voor je. betrouwbaar beheer
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Work experience

I enjoyed working here, it was a fun place to work. I acquired knowledge in the ICT industry. My office colleagues are quite pleasant and team players.
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Ótima empresa.

Empresa oferece bons benefícios e bom ambiente de trabalho.
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òtima empresa para se trabalhar!

Boas Culturas e ambiente de trabalho; Se preocupa com a com a evolução das carreiras dos funcionários; Excelentes benefícios;
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I have learned here many things, also I got many required training here, over all its good and work culture is very smooth and Management also nice. Its awesome place to work.
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Productive and vibrant and a nice environment to be in

Very nice environment, good facilities and up to date technology A nice environment to be in Can like to work there Mutliple divisions ………………………………………………………………………..
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Collaborative and driven

I am a firm believer that in order to achieve success one needs to encourage collaboration amongst teams and ensure that all understand the goal we are working towards. Trust is a very big part of successful teams. I am a driven individual who likes to see results of all the work that is being done, there is no greater satisfaction than seeing that.
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fun workplace

would not recommend.Very good culture and fun place to work at. Personal growth is a big problem at iiNet. Money is good.I would not recommend iinet. I am sorry.
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Great place to work

I had a temporary position as a Receptionist. A great place to work. Friendly colleagues and a relaxed although busy atmosphere. There were great benefits, social aspects and great managers. Thank you DD and NTT!
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Productive, Fast Paced, Teamwork

Start of the day reviewing previous day performance, followed by a daily team huddle, and back to back meetings. Collaborative approach and a culture of teamwork.
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Ambitious Operational Strategy executed by Competent Professionals

Good work experience. Good management. Clearly defined scope for market targets. Decent salary and benefits. Good culture. Room for growth and excellent training program.
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Good platform for beginners

Work culture. good platform for learning new things. Salary hike is horrible. Hiring unskilled managers. Management of work is very hard. Employee can enjoy a day.
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Job satisfaction

I enjoyed my challenging time at DiData. Great people, great tech and fun to work with. My boss treated me very well and my sponsors always were engaged with our business outcomes.
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Dynamic company

Dimension Data is a dynamic company and a great place to learn and grow. Dimension data allows for a great work hard play hard culture which encourages employees to be committed and enthusiastic about their work and deliver great results
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