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    Michael Dell
    des personnes approuvent Michael Dell
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    plus de 10 000
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    plus de 8 milliards d'euros
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    One Dell Way Round Rock, TX
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    Dell Technologies - Site internet
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Account executive and key account manager (Genf, GE)
le 15 septembre 2021
sur de ses valeurs et de ses produits
A l'époque Dell a fait une énorme progression par rapport a la concurrence ceci était un grand avantage commercialement parlant.Par son mode de distribution et ses nouveautés technologiques
Sales Director Enterprise (Zürich, ZH)
le 24 octobre 2019
Quarter end ist heilig, obwohl es kommerziell meistens keinen Sinn macht die Marge negative mit noch mehr Discount zu belasten. Like to sell value not discount
le 11 juin 2014
Wanted a lot but gave little in the way of work/life balance.
This company has great products, great sales people, but the management are too scared for their own jobs. They were quite happy for you to sit at the desk, working anything up to 14 hours in a day, whilst refusing to compensate you for your efforts. The sales teams and external account managers were a tight and reliable bunch, a real pleasure to work with. The same could not be said of the management, as they clearly spent more time explaining their inactivity, and learning buzzwords. There were more unrecognised leaders amongst the sales and engineering staff, who sadly left the company through sheer frustration. Advancement was difficult if you were any good at your present job, as it was deemed difficult to find a suitable replacement for you, if you were to move on. This would have a negative effect on "numbers" If you are an expert in manipulating spreadsheets, rather than doing any actual work, you should be OK. The money was good, no doubt. The hardest part was to get a manager to make a decision. The team spirit within the organisation was by far the most enjoyable part of the job.
Manager (EMEA)
le 28 septembre 2012
IT company or mob organisation ?
I've never seen a company where corruption is so rife. It starts at the lowest level up to the highest (regions Vice presidents).This company has no ethics, nor any specific culture except making more and more money on the back of their customers and employees. "The end jsutify the means" is the motto of most of the management.While one can make really big buks in EMC, it requires to be completely blind and deaf regarding business practices.I have seen employees, partners or external middle men paying large amount of money to customers to win tenders or deals in some countries where markets are easily won by corruption (middle east /africa/ eastern europe).I have seen very often people getting promoted by sleeping with their managers.I have seen complete useless people earning a lot of money while doing asbolutely nothing (nobody could even understand their titles).This company regularly cheats on employees salaries and commissions and if you ever open your mouth, then harassement begins.Basically, this is a small mob environment where you can have big power and money if you close your eyes and play the game. But if you have a minimum of morals and ethics, you'd better seek a job elsewhere.
Sales (EMEA)
le 28 septembre 2012
Avoid like the pest
Management: highly incompetent, more prison warden and jail supervisor than people managers.Salary: poor, this company use to recruit low profile/low salary employees while making life impossible for those who are competent but earn more...Job Security / Advancement: no security and Advancement depending on your willingness to polish shoes and worse (no comments).Compensation / Benefits: nothing special or different than any other big US corp, except for the low level of base salaries and the high impossibility make more money even if you over achieve your targets.Work / Life Balance: My life starts when I live this "going down" company.

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