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4,4Équilibre vie privée/professionnelle

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Nice working environment with many benefits. Little job security.
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Bester Arbeitgeber den ich je hatte

Sehr motivierend und kollegial und exzellente Arbeitsbedingungen. Einziges Manko sind die 5 Jahresverträge. Ansonsten kann man es besser nicht erwischen.
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International environment, perfect for young people

It's a very good place to work, but the management is not the best. Due to its public funding side, it's rather difficult to promote, unless you know the right people.

Points positifs

Clubs, young people, international

Points négatifs

No career progression
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Easy job and relax area

On a typical day, you go to the office meet with your team, go to the labs, analyze data, write documents. Go to lunch with your colleagues and live at 5 or 5:30 pm. The management is chaotic but you can survive to it, is just a matter of time to learn it. The hardest part of the job is the amount of free time you have and no projects running, you will need to figure it out by yourself on how to be productive as almost nobody will give you extra work even if you beg for it.The best part of the day is when everything is nicely done and you can go to enjoy the rest of the day.

Points positifs

Bennefits, Insurance

Points négatifs

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Environnement de travail agréable

Travail en équipe très agréable.travail en binôme avec voiture et caisse à outil.Déplacement dans tout le sites du cern.Travail agréable avec plusieurs nationalités différentes.

Points positifs

Repas restaurant

Points négatifs

Pas davantage en nature
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Productive and diverse workplace.

CERN is a diverse organisation and I really enjoyed working and meeting people from around the globe there. Loving people and friendly work environment.

Points positifs

Free underground visits for employees.
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Environnement de travail super agréable

Lieu de travail super agréable ; collègues très sympa ; Environnement professionnel très positif
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Personal experience, electrical equipment, good maintenance preventive, very security, good communication, good team, good office for maintenance technician
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Productive and exciting atmosphere with nice restaurant

The staff is very kind at CERN, the food is nice, and there is a ping pong table. The conference rooms are expansive and have good air-conditioning and the internet is of high quality.
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Environnement de travail stimulant

La prise d'initiatives et d'autonomie dans le travail est un très bon point du travail au CERN. De plus, la collaboration avec diverses équipes et sections permet d'avoir une vision plus globale des activité du CERN. Le pluriculturalisme présent permet d'avoir une expérience enrichie. Le point négatif reste le turnover trop fréquent, qui ne permet pas un transfert de connaissances optimal.

Points positifs

Diversité culturelle

Points négatifs

Que des contrats à durée déterminée
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Relaxed workplace

At CERN, people are free in their missions. The overall budget allows big tewchnological achievements. The working frame is very multicultural and collaborative.
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Productive and fun workspace

The contracts are very limited, there is a high frequency turnover of personnel. Smart colleagues and interesting clubs financed by CERN itself. Good place to learn.
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Innovating place

CERN gives an incredible opportunity to learn and improve in the field where you work. It's a luck to work in this kind of infrastructure and with experiment people.
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Great place to start you work experience

Good working conditions, atmosphere, supportive and smart people, numerous activities, self development, courses and conferences! Strongly recommend to apply.
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Productive and fun workplace

Being part of the summer student programme is truly an amazing experience. You are assigned a supervisor for your project who is very supportive and understandable that you came there to learn. Depending on the role you get, you can do programming, machine learning, hands on, experimental work, control systems or anything else really.
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It's a nice place to work at.

Geneva is a quiet city with friendly and heartwarming people. I would recommend CERN to everyone, especially if they want to travel a lot around Europe.
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CERN is an amazing place to work in. I enjoyed working there.
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Fun Work Place

This was an internship that I had. It was fun being at this research institute because of the welcoming nature of my group. If you are from another country the hard part will be overcoming the jet lag.
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Interesting company

A good company to work for, just very important to be placed into the correct section/department before starting as it could be that you are placed in a department where you cannot really exercise your previous skills.

Points positifs

Multiple training opportunities, Good remuneration, Interesting work environments

Points négatifs

Internal mobility is limited.
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Nice place

Cern is one of the best places to be regarding the work environment. However, Geneva and Saint Genis are not very lively after work... Protip: Learn French
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Pas beaucoup de évolution possible. Periode de cdd trop long
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