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I wasn't working for a professional company, I was working for a high school

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I'll start by saying this is the WORST job I've ever had!! I've never worked with such two faced, lying, distrustful, immature people in all my life!! It was a horrible experience!! I worked in the production side of the plant and it was like high school! People there were too busy trash talking each other and gossiping! They would trash talk you even if you were five feet away! They treated you like you were stupid, did a horrible job of training, and acted like they were prefect the entire time! One of the most unprofessional things about this place is you have to "fit" into their horrible little clique to even to be have a chance of getting hired in! It's more important to be popular and have everyone like you than to be a good worker! The rate was BEYOND ridulous! They set it so high that people cant make it and that includes people that are hired in! The manager over production is a joke and has no clue what she's doing! She runs it like a concentration camp and claims she cares about the people there. The sad truth is she only cares about rate and if you don't meet it....out the door you go! I'd rather be homeless and starving than work at that company again. Brilliance Audio is a horrible, toxic work environment and unless you have the childish demeanor of a high schooler than I suggested you don't apply here! You've been warned...

Points positifs

Free soda, outdoor patio, no PPE, steady breaks

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God awful people, poor management, hostile work environment
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You REALLY want to know what it's like to work with Brilliance?

Well I'll tell you. It's terrible. Here it is, no BS. The person (no names will be said in this review) that runs the production side is a slave worker. She does not care about you. You are a number, and nothing more. If you do not hit your numbers, she will toss you aside like tissue paper. The factory has nearly five new temps a month, sometimes more if it's peak months, and they rarely last longer than a few weeks. She assigned a ridiculous rate, that doesn't factor in what your packing, how many disks it has, or what the packaging is. Have to pack a fifty disk collection in a vinyl wallet? Better pack 180 of them an hour, or your fired. She doesn't care. And the worst part? Even if you DO hit your rate, you're still not going to be hired in. To REALLY get hired in, you have to deal with the pathetic, high school cliques that have formed among the workers. This brings me to the work environment. The people act like their in high school. They act friendly to your face, but trash talk you when you're not next to them. The environment gets increasingly hostile no matter how well you pack, and towards the end it feels like bullying. Eventually it feels like sweet relief once you get the call to not come in anymore. During my time I WILL vouch for most of the people in receiving though. They're wonderfully nice. The people in production though are a nightmare. Since leaving last summer, I've known several other people to have worked, and get let go, for brilliance. They all testified towards the same childish behavior, and negative atmosphere. - 

Points positifs

Free soda, light work

Points négatifs

Terrible management, terrible people who are stuck in high school.
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