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Results oriented culture to a fault

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AWS is focused on results. The motto of the company (Amazon at large) is" its day 1". However, that thread is definitely gone. It feels more like a bunch of executives jockeying to prove how much they get done.

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Learn a lot, really smart people

Points négatifs

Culture of workaholics, oncall can be tough
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Bad experience

My review is my experience only, does not speak to others. Fast paced culture with little handholding. Expect to deliver from day one with an out-of-scope project, left to sink or swim. I was drinking the kool-aid, delivered the project, albeit I made mistakes. However, when the day my manager said I'm not good enough, my view changed completely.
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Great if you find the right team

Many teams at AWS are really rough (think long hours, horrible on-call shifts, etc). But if you find a team with a good culture (usually one that's working on a new product), the experience is wonderful and cozy.
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good place

i think its a great place for early career. the work can be demanding at times, esp near deadline. but overall, can really gain much responsibility in short time.
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Great place to learn but stressful

You will learn a lot of software engineering skills here as it is a fast paced environment, and there is a lot expected of you. But this learning comes at a cost of burnout. But its great the company is giving everyone a chance to interview with them due to the amount of growth they are experiencing.
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Toxic place to work

I worked as a software engineer in aws. My experience was pretty bad with them. Most of engineer's times are spent by doing operational work, like deployments, writing tickets and cms, etc. that I hated, and found super uninteresting. People are constantly refusing to help you, or collaborate. Backstabbing is the norm in aws among engineers. super toxic place to work for. the only positive is its name on your resume. so if you want that, work for a while, and then find a real programmer job somewhere else.

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toxic workplace
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Productive and fun work place with ping pong table

A typcal day includes checking out email at 10, standup, plan for today's work, meeting, and coding. Learned some new cloud computing skills during normal day. The hardest part is finding out how to develop the work during the day.
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Good Place to Learn

It is a good place to learn but it is not a good place to have fun. People there are very nice, but the working culture isn't some I like.

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Learn new things

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Great place to learn and advance your career.

AWS is absolutely fantastic place to learn more about technology. It is slightly demanding and your work life balance may not be the greatest, but it rewards handsomely, esp if you are willing to adapt to new technologies fast.
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