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Un environnement agréable et salaire intéressant.Esprit d'équipe et respectueux et très agréable.La phase la plus difficile c'est la période de pique.Flexibilité de planning
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Increíble experiencia

Mucho trabajo pero lo vale, siempre aprendes, se preocupan por el work life balance
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Tons of middle management

Tons of middle management - had meetings with 4 layers of management in one call weekly for months. Saw my entire team of 15 recruiters get laid off until I finally got laid off in April.
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Good pay but they work you to the bone. Good jumpstart to google cloud if you need the experience. They force you to get a certification which comes in handy.
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una tipica giornata di lavoro,Lavoro consulting full remotecosa pensi di aver imparato,Ogni giorno si imparano nuove cose

Points positifs

Crescita personale, stipendio
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Great place to work

Technology and people are business minded great place to work to set high standard.No micromanagement but rather clear expectations and great training.
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New challenges everyday

Good place to intern. You learn a lot. The DCSP team is very nice and supports interns. I was able to steer the project in any direction that I wanted.
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Mixed bag of decent and horrible management with constantly shifting targets

Daily work was comprised of endless meetings and having the ability to take a superficial dive into issues, primarily relegated to shuffling tickets and calming down the customer. Did not understand the purpose of my role or how I actually contributed to anything but support. Initial management was not bad, last manager was an absolute nightmare of abuse and intentional hostility. Would not advise anybody ever work for this company regardless of how much they have to pay to get you to forget who you are working for.

Points positifs

Cool companies that buy the software

Points négatifs

Management attitudes and the absolute lack of concern for the employee.
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Field AE in Paris

Excellent earning opportunitiesGreat productsImportant resources No PG/activity micromanagementLong-term drivenAWS is a great place to thrive as an AE if you can cope with the ambiguity of 1/ a very large org, 2/ AWS/amazon itself
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Worst Mistake Of My life.

What is the best part of working at the company?Horrible, evil , stay awayDo not work here .The biggest mistake of my life What is the most stressful part about working at the company?Pegasus Spying on my private Laptop and internet connection What is the work environment and culture like at the company?Back Stabbers and Evil Doers.They will try to murder you in order to protect their "favorites"What is a typical day like for you at the company?You will be told that you are not allowed to urinate or get up off your seat before 12 . Due to call volumes. You take calls and chats until 12 . Then scramble to find basic assistance. Information is purposely withheld , as punishment.
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A lot of chances for growth

There will be a lot of opportunities for growth as a developer, but it is a good idea to understand how to navigate corporate life. Methods used here will prepare you for other positions.
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What is the best part of working at the company?The pay and access to great resources/software What is the most stressful part about working at the company?Most things are not streamlined. One day you work for one team/manager, and the next you’re on a complete different team. What is the work environment and culture like at the company?Remote work. Culture is laid back and very DEI friendly What is a typical day like for you at the company?Screen candidates all day. Work with recruiting coordinators to set up interviews and client leads to put together job offers.
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Intense Work Culture

AWS is well known for its intense work culture. It can be very intense at times and can lead to extreme burnouts. However, its pay and prestige is way above average.
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Great Pay Great People Chaos Everyday

Pay is incredibly competitive with competitors but compensation structure incentivizes long-term commitment. The technical teams are truly amazing and motivated but this is a sales organization and they drive a ton of chaos into work everyday.
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Pay is good but it will burn you out

Compensation is great, lots of work to do (technical debt), so you can advance quickly if you put in a ton of hours. On the other hand, it's the most toxic work environment I've ever been in. The forced attrition rate and stack-ranking of team performance means that your coworkers will only collaborate superficially, and managers who have a solid team but need to hit their attrition targets will literally hire you to fire you. It happened to me, I was put on PIP immediately but was able to get a VP to overrule it and changed teams. Lasted 2.5 years there but it was absolutely not worth it for my health and mental health.
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Toxic work culture

Apart from compensation everything is toxic. You can't progress here if you ain't a personality match with your manager. Politics at the dirtiest. They target you to terminate you to save themselves. Research on URA quota before joining Amazon.

Points positifs

Pays well

Points négatifs

Management, career growth
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Great place to work and move ahead. Good career advancement. was able to learn and get into the data center industry with a good environment around me
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Interesting Place

Job titles can be vague as I know many BIEs doing data science and some doing data engineering. Not a bad place if you are paired with a manager you could learn from.
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Good Play to work with a very smart team around me. Would recommend the company to anyone looking for strong culture of innovative. Challenging workplace.
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Good compensation, wlb depends on team

Usually some of the best compensation you ll find on the market, at least in the EU, for most tech positions. Wlb and overall culture can vary a lot from one team to another.
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Growth and Income

Great company to learn fast paced and earn great money. In 1 year I learned 4 years worth of skills to help progress my knowledge. I would recommend anyone to work with them.
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