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Amazon Web Services

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Challenging and often overwhelming

My experience has been challenging and overwhelming to say the least. The training program has a long way to go and the business is growing at lightning speed. The change management process is an absolute beast and consumes the time of much of the man power within data center engineering operations. If you've never worked in a highly secure environment such as a data center, it is extremely cumbersome to do even the most basic tasks which is draining. Amazon gets many things right but the data center world is very much in its early stages and is not very refined. There are and will continue to be many growing pains in this work place. High employee turnover is proof that employment here is difficult. Tons of rooms to grow and develop as an employee but don't expect much help in the form of training. The pay is above average but you will earn every cent. Amazon’s benefits are nothing special and they give less paid holidays than other companies I have worked for.
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