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3,1Équilibre vie privée/professionnelle

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Exhausting work

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While some people work hard at their job others just walk around in their vests as embassadors and do absolutely nothing. Poor management, & extremely heavy packages or pallet pulling I got back problems thanks to this
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Not the greatest

Culture is pretty bad depending on the shifts you work. If you’re a new hire, they expect you to know everything by day 2. People will genuinely get mad at you for not knowing something that was never taught to you. I got threatened with termination for not knowing something I didn’t know
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Need help? Don't ask HR

Lets start with some positives- Great starting pay- Managers were cool- Simple Schedulethat is all the good things I have to say. Working here (Full-Time) is 10 hours of moving/stocking boxes/food, & scanning/shopping for food. Not hard but 10 hours is quite a long time. You can be as interactive or as distant as you want with coworkers, so take that for what you will. The absolute worst part is HR. Not going into full details but they aren't helpful at all, they for the most part are dismissive of your issues unless it affects the business. Have something going on in your personal life? Have fun trying to explain your tough situation to some careless slob at a desk, and don't ask them for compensation as well. You won't be helped, that's what ruined the job for me, I stopped feeling like an employee and felt more like just another cog in the machine.
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Could be better

There was not much room for career advancement and very little schedules available for part time. Very strict on pick times and stowing. I liked how they began to randomize which area you would be starting at, instead of picking the easiest like ambient.
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You never have time to catch a breather. Always keeping track of where you are what you are doing and always trying to find ways to terminate you. You can’t ever have an emergency with UPT without HR creating a case to terminate or keep.

Points positifs

Great Benefits

Points négatifs

Over worked for the pay
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Boring boring

Amazon is easy to start job. Some warehouses are hard working, Some are easy work but boring, some of them are both. The easiest warehouse at Amazon is AMAZON XL warehouse.

Points positifs

Easy taking time off

Points négatifs

Hard work and boring
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Simple and solid pay

Got 20$ to basically walk around,don’t really have to deal with other people if your not a people person.Chill environment easy work never had any bad experiences with leadership.
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Pay and Benefits Ok. Management and Culture Terrible

My location is in west Philly and only deals with Amazon fresh orders. I can’t speak for other locations, but the overnight managers and staff have horrible attitudes and are overall incompetent. Generally would not recommend working at this location if you have a choice.

Points positifs

Pay is ok. Paid personal time, vacation, benefits

Points négatifs

Breaks are not enough, poor management, depressing culture
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As a college student, Amazon is a good fit for me!

I'm a college student and a young mom. So working at Amazon is an opportunity for me to continue my school while working. The schedule is very flexible and with the pay is not that bad. I give a thumb up for the company!
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Very Fast Paced

Managers really push you to succeed in your tasks. During work, all you're doing is pushing a cart around creating customers orders. You stay on your feet the whole time. It is pretty tiring but the pay is good.
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Continue on management

Making new changes as not to work an overnight shift anymore and something different for once. But I would continue working in a different department that deals with any warehouse situation because of the experience that I have from AmazonFresh.
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Productive environment where you feel appreciated

Pros Management is competent and helpful. Flexible shifts Time goes by fast because you stay busy Cons Pay Lack of availability for desirable shifts Freezer clothes do not allow for easy handling of products or scanner
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Awful management, HR is nonexistent

Flexible schedule, pay was fine (other warehouses pay more and offer actual benefits), great co workers -that's as good as it gets. I don't know how managers got their positions because they can not MANAGE a team at all. It is a mess. And if you ever need help or have questions for HR, good luck trying to reach them. HR is a joke- they shoo you away and tell you to call the ERC. Never accept "voluntary time off" because they will screw you over and terminate you
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Company does support you, but at the same times there maybe inefficiencies

So i worked there over the summer for awhile. the first time, it was a decent time. I was learning, able to produce results, get everything in order, and put the company first above myself. The inefficiencies that i've saw in the company is that they tend to overstaff, as if they don't do a proper analysis on who is needed to fill in that day. Which is fine, some work is better than no work. But the problem came when their warehouse, which was one of the best in the state then decided to move to a less valuable location, which meant the renovations that was made, and the workers had to work around was basically worthless. There is also the strange way they coordinate with each other. They support you and will work with you, but sometimes what they do doesn't make a whole lot of sense
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working at the warehouse was stressful. There was poor management, and the hours were awful. It was hard to meet the extremely high expectation of quota and time.
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Poor management lack of advancement dishonesty unfair treatment lack of flexibility manager harassment under constant surveillance poor work hours freezing temps

Points positifs


Points négatifs

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Fast Pace Picking / Packaging

I worked Graveyard Shift for / Amazon Fresh. It was very fast paced picking and packing orders each day. I was working as a Temp-to-Hire, but was not chosen within my hire group to become Full-Time. I really wish I was, but the experience working he was great.
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its ok.

its cold. amazon leaves you feeling unappreciated. they always expect more out of you but give nothing in return.
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Amazon Fresh's Warehouse is not for the weak

A typical day working for Amazon's grocery delivery service requires most people to be able to walk over 10 miles per day in low temperatures. The compensation and benefits do not fit the amount of work that is done, and the possibility of advancing or working for Amazon in a different capacity is non-existent. Management varies, with some dedicated professionals, but with a disproportionate amount of barely competent slackers.

Points positifs

You can put Amazon on your resume

Points négatifs

You have to work for Amazon
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Great first job for most people. Awesome work environment.

A typical day at work was great and relaxing at times. I learned alot of stuff there like how to pick/pack groceries, how to cut/pack various types of deli meats and cheeses and how to problem solve issuses that came about through out the work day. The managment team was great. They really knew how to make it a super workable environment. My co-workers became some of my closest friends during and even away from work. the hardest part of the job was getting used to working graveyard as the most enjoyable part of the job was the interaction and friendlyness everyone had with each other.
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