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3,9Équilibre vie privée/professionnelle

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Great job to do in your free time.

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It's an unusual job but its certainly convenient. You accept contracts called "HIT's" from companies/institutions that need short tasks completed; often these tasks can be completed in under 5 minutes. These HIT's are accepted on a first come first serve basis by any Turk worker who meets the minimum qualifications of the task. As you progress and develop your skills you'll have access to higher paying HIT's. Some days you'll get lucky and find a few high paying HIT's, others days not so much. Many of the HIT's are paying less than $1, but you can complete them in a few minutes. You can't live off of this job but you can certainly pay a bill or two with it.

Points positifs

Very flexibile job, Perfect for students and those with free time.

Points négatifs

Very Low pay
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This was the most upsetting thing I've done. The small tasks itself were not bad at all, you could do them whenever you had free time and for however long you wanted to. I had been working for only 3 days when I received an email stating my account was suspended. They have a specific email address to "help" resolve those kinds of issues. I emailed them twice for 2 days and after I received an email back stating they were unable to help me & that they weren't going to re-open my account. The reason for suspending my account was because apparently it was another account, but I had this account for a while I just never really used it until now. Now mind you, they never asked for my name on my account to even check the problem they just straight up told me they weren't going to re-open my account. I told whoever that was that they wasted their time and my time writing that email; They would've done better never responding to me. Why tell people to email you if you're just going to turn them down anyway. You guys have POOR professional skills ! I won't ever recommend this company to anyone, not even a homeless person!
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Easy, simple tasks, but takes time to make a bit of income

I had no issue with this job, I actually still do it on occasions. It's easy and quick and easy and you can catch on quickly. It just takes hours and hundreds of assignments just ti make a small side income. That's the only downfall.

Points positifs

Easy Apply, Simple Assignments, Simple pay stricture

Points négatifs

Lots of time for limited income
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Working From ho

This is not something anyone should depend on for sole income to survive. But it starts out low levels with hits that a monkey can do. The goal is to slowly work up to masters level which are more complicated hits but that's when the real pay comes. They start out easy so that they can feel out what educated level you are on or what you can and cannot do. I enjoyed it and plan to start again.. again soon...but only as a side job again...but it will be my BBC's ide job
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Not worth your time

I tried Amazon M Turk because I was trying to find some online work. The pay is extremely low and the jobs have no real career advancement value. I didn't learn anything new. Most jobs pay less than $1.00. This was a bad experiment and I will not waste anymore of my time on Amazon MTurk.

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Points négatifs

Horrible pay, boring work, time consuming
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Nice place to make some extra income.

I started working for Amazon Mturk several months ago. I did a lot of online searches about Mturk as well as read a couple of e-books about it. I learned as much as I possibly could to help me understand and to make more money. I was completely confused about adding extensions etc. but I hung in there. I mostly do surveys as I feel like it's the best way I have found to make the most money. As I complete more and more hits better paying hits are becoming available on a regular basis. I love the fact that I can get online anyime and make money. NO, working here will not pay your cost of living completly but it will pay a few monthly bills you have, and supply you with extra income. I really like working for amazon mturk!

Points positifs

work from home, extra income, set your own hours, paid quickly

Points négatifs

when things are slow there isnt always a lot of work available
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NOT a great way to make money on the side

Unless you're willing to work every waking hour of the day, and not see results for up to three months, don't waste your time. I would work between classes and during any free time I had, which averaged out to about 18 hours a week. I didn't get responses on jobs for upwards of a month. I wouldn't get paid until responses were received. And even then, each job was only about 10 cents for about ten minutes worth of work.

Points positifs

Lots of free time, self-paced, personal selection of jobs, no supervisor

Points négatifs

Next to no payment, too much work for the amount being paid, too much time to make the desired amount of money
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You complete HITs for 0.01 to 0.07 cents. Higher paying HITs require certification. The pay depends on how many HITs you complete, Average money earned in an hour can range from 1 to 2 dollars depending on how diligent you worked, but ultimately its not worth it. You must understand the system to get paid.
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The work is easy and the pay is good only if you looking for extra money, this job is great. It's an online job where you have to do research, write essays, or review work. You can work at anytime you want.
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