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Overall the company seems promising. It comes in handy to waste time and earn some extra change. I'm just a bit curious with how lucrative this is.. So to be continued I guess.
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Da para fazer muito dinheiro com essa empresa. Ela é ótima
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At home micro jobs

Pay is very low and takes long time to receive if you're not looking for good hits all the time you're not going to be making any money it's a full time job that pays less than a part time job
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Productive and fun workplace

I love working for Amazon Mechanical Turk! I have been able to make some extra money working from home with this platform. Its nice to be able to get online, do a little bit here and there, let the money accrue and cash out when it piles up. The HITS can be really low paying sometimes, but if you do enough batches of the low paying ones, it really adds up. Plus the more HITS you do, the higher your rating gets and the closer you get to the elusive Masters, which nobody seems to know how to exactly go about getting. Nobody that has it will say how they got it. I would recommend getting on the FB forums, the Reddit forums. Install scripts. Use MTurk Suite. It saves time. Do batches. Work in chunls of time. Work every day, Keep at it,

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Lots of work available, easy to do, always available, easy to transfer funds

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Low pay
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It's okay if you want to make a couple of extra dollars.

There's not really much to say about this job. Most of the time, you're entirely reliant on yourself to find the tasks you want to do. Those tasks don't really pay much, but they require just as little effort to do. There's no one to talk to about the tasks, so there's pros as far as no management around. You can sit in your PJs, eat breakfast, and click away, or you can burn the midnight oil if that's your cup of tea.
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Productive and fun workplace

I do my best to find work that will utilize my skills. I learned to be flexible. Management here needs more training in work retention and leadership. Diversity of cultures but still feel out of place. Employees do not communicate too well. The clients that go away with a friendly smile
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Nice way to make some side cash

If you really apply yourself and have the patience to find jobs that you qualify for, you can really make some nice pocket money. It is not a way to sustain yourself, but it is an easy way to make spending cash. I have have no bad experiences through this system. I like to log in early in the morning before I change out of my pajamas to work through whatever jobs are available while I enjoy my morning cup of coffee and I am happy with the money I have made from adding mturk to my morning routine.
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Decent side money, takes awhile to make money

This is a work from home job and like many self employed ventures, it takes a lot of work and some time to get consistent money. Ive seen pay as low as 20 cents an hour and as high as over 50 dollars an hour. Many surveys and batches are around the 6-15 an hour range.Many tasks on the front screens of available hits and ones for newer people are very low in pay, like 1-3 an hour. There are good paying ones out there, but it takes awhile to find and/or qualify for them. Good workers will eventually get closed qualifications and potentially a masters qualification making more consistent work available. This is not meant to be a long term career choice, but it can fill a void as side money, a part time job or a fallback option is used correctly.

Points positifs

Work as much or as little as you want, variety of tasks, good third party support forums

Points négatifs

Many low paying and predatory requesters, slow times of year, amazon provides virutally no support, no benefits
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good balance

Its a cool job that lets you work when you want to work so i think that its a great option to make income on the side but i would not recommend this as your full time job.

Points positifs

balance, freedom

Points négatifs

not a stable income
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Great online platform

Great online platform to learn new data entry skills and tasks. Flexible; Can transfer funds earned, daily; quick response from ATURK CS. Invited to additional tasks if qualified.Very easy tasks. I enjoy working with this company and the online platform.

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None from me
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