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Field commissioning in power plants is not for everyone. It can be physically challenging, with high pressure to deliver on time, requiring all the multitasking and flexibility one can muster. Variety in scale, systems and technical disciplines from mechanical/electrical to process logic optimization means one is constantly on a fast learning curve. Quite a lot of freedom and responsibility is usually given by management as long as objectives are met. Overall great atmosphere on site where people from all over the world work together on large projects towards a same goal. The hardest part of the job is not being able to plan one's personal life (i.e. holidays, seeing family and friends) because project circumstances dictate the length of the working day/week which can extend without notice. It's a great opportunity to live abroad and move regularly. Overall a very engaging job means most working days are satisfying. One's role in the project becomes obvious just from looking at the scenery - what was empty land just a few months back has turned into a running, state-of-the art power plant!
Points positifs
Challenge, pay, travel
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Physically demanding, pushes personal life aside
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