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Perfect working environment and place to work - great people and great projects.Leadership support is excellent and team events are great. Only junior talent is difficult to attract…
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A lot of learning opportunities

At Accenture you have the possibility to use the technologies you like, due to a huge variety of different clients, located in different countries. So there is never boring.
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Fast paced environment, your experience will largely depends on your manager.
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Collaborative and supportive workplace

Started out as an Analyst and got staffed on an interesting project. Company puts a lot of emphasis on developing its people and helping them advance within the company.
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Excellent company but challenging job

Amazing opportunities , great leadership, great colleagues and company culture. The other side of the medal is little work/life balance.
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Not recommended

Interview was average. bad management. Bad communication with higher levels. Very stressful work environment. Less salary. They add many extras on your salary and on paper it looks really good but you won’t get those extras at all.. and what you get is too less.

Points positifs

Very competitive

Points négatifs

Bad management
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Lots of expectations with no payback

Accenture would be an awesome company. So many smart people with good ideas. However, that is where it ends. Management is terrible, not organized and promotions are mainly dependent on influencing the right people instead of actual work deliverables. The work culture is really bad. Employees are not trying to develop their peers but making them look bad to enhance their chances of promotion. You are expected to do a lot of extra work and either book it on the client or not at all. The policies and internal trainings tell you otherwise but the only to get around this is declining work and good luck with your promotion.
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Réponse officielle de Accenture

9 juin 2020
Hello, Thank you for your open and honest review of your personal views on working with us. We are very sorry to learn that you have experienced such a negative atmosphere. Accenture strives to be a place where bright people from diverse backgrounds work together to deliver the best solutions for their clients - while having fun doing so. This is the feedback we receive from most of our employees and from various internal and external employee satisfaction polls. We wish you all the best for your future endeavours, stay safe.Your Accenture HR team

Great if you're lucky...

Buy in to the whole consulting schtick, and be prepared to work long days, nights and weekends. If you endure long enough, and kiss enough behinds, you might get a semi-decent bonus.

Points positifs

Possibly the brand, but it sure ain't McKinsey or BCG

Points négatifs

Secular culture, employees are pure resources and not treated as people.
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Réponse officielle de Accenture

29 mai 2020
Thank you very much for your time to comment on your Accenture work experience. While we agree with Accenture being a great place to work, we do not subscribe to the term "luck". We continuously are awarded as a highly people oriented employer by various renowned independent organisations around the globe and we are proud of that achievement. We do not compare ourselves with consulting firms as our offering goes way beyond most of what pure breed consulting firms can offer to both, employees and clients. We wish you all the best for your future endeavours! Your Accenture HR team


Decent place. ok culture. Hardest part of the job is the travel. You have to travel monday to friday. And there is no stability in life, but this is true for consulting, and not accenture in specific.
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Riesige Unternehmensberatung mit Spezialisten in allen Bereichen

Accenture bietet seinen Mitarbeitern Einblick in tolle Projekte bei spannenden Kunden.
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Réponse officielle de Accenture

29 mai 2020
Hallo und herzlichen Dank für die tolle 5-Sterne-Bewertung. Wir freuen uns sehr, dass Du bei und mit Accenture eine tolle Zeit hattest. Wenn noch nicht geschehen, heissen wir Dich bei den Accenture Alumni sehr herzlich willkommen. Alle nötigen Infos findest Du unter: https://www.accenturealumni.com/registering Wir wünschen Dir auf deinem weiteren Weg alles Gute und Viel Erfolg. Hoffentlich bis bald! Dein Accenture HR-Team

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Experience with multiple different domain clients.

1.Worked with different domain clients. 2.Managing the team with more than 25 team members. 3.Worked in a factory model and worked with different clients at a time
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Réponse officielle de Accenture

24 mars 2022
Hey, thank you for your positive review, highly appreciated. We wish you all the best for your new adventures and would love to stay in touch via Accenture alumnis! All the best, Your Accenture HR team

Excellent place to begin your career.

Excellent place to work after graduation. they give you strong discipline and great chances to learn. The management teams are world class and are able to point the company to new segments and sectors. Poor flexibility on job work. You will be always under radar for working time, risk to burn out for overworking
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Productive and fun place to work

Mastering the act of learning new strategy, approach and the different angles of problem solving using both human and technology in a collaborative manner to achieving a High-Performance results.

Points positifs

Exposure to quality decision making process, management, and career skill development.

Points négatifs

A hectic travel lifestyle that may not be suitable for some folks work balance lifestyle.
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Good Company

Big Project opportunitiesGood Career changesManagement is goodSolid PipelineNew innovative topics on the Agenda, e.g. AI, intelligent communications
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Great beginning for graduates

Very young environment. Good team work culture. Good education opportunities for employees. International projects. Performance evaluation system unfair and driven by interests of individuals. Many physical benefits in case of good performance. Extra hours rarely paid (and they are a lot)
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Great workplace

Great place to work. Many perks. enable work from home, good client base, great people and culture. Been here for over 5 years. Love the experience overall.
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